About the Texas Cavaliers

Founded in 1926 by John B. Carrington, the Texas Cavaliers consist of over 500 business, civic and community leaders who promote and preserve the bravery and independence for which the heroes of the Alamo died. Developed initially as a social group, the Texas Cavaliers’ original 19 members also promoted horsemanship in a day when automobiles were becoming abundant.

The Mission of the Texas Cavaliers

Over time, what started as a social club developed into a charitable organization seeking to give back to the community and supporting those in need. In 1989, the Texas Cavaliers developed the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation to benefit and support local children. Texas Cavaliers and their generous supporters have raised over $2 million in the past 20 years. In 2012, they raised $200,000 and helped over 900 children through monetary donations and supporting programs all across San Antonio.

Giving Back to the San Antonio Community

The Texas Cavaliers commit to bettering the lives of San Antonio area children through numerous programs and events throughout the year.

Texas Cavaliers River Parade

Every year, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade features more than 45 decorated floats decorating the San Antonio River as hundreds of children enjoy the sights and sounds of this historic event. Proceeds of the parade benefit the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation and its mission.
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Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation

Developed in 1989, the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation helps fund and support hundreds of children’s charities and organizations.
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Outreach Programs

During Fiesta week, the Texas Cavaliers are responsible for the Children’s River Extravaganza, Military Fiesta and Salute to First Responders programs. The Texas Cavaliers developed these Community Outreach Programs in an effort to support and give back to those most in need.
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King Antonio

Throughout Fiesta, King Antonio is the face of the Cavaliers, visiting the organizations and charities that the Texas Cavaliers support.
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