King’s Men (Board of Directors)

Commander – Richard A. Sparr, Jr.

Activities Officer – Roger C. Hill III

Captain of the King’s Guard – Phillip P. Bakke (Phil)

Adjutant – Alfred M. Casillas (Fred)

Finance Officer – Christopher Allison

Properties & Alamo Officer – Stuart Carter

Public Events Officer – W. Wendell Hall

Past-Commander – Michael A. Casillas

River Parade Marshal – Barton T. Simpson

River Parade Vice-Marshal – Clyde Johnson IV

King Antonio XCIV – R. Hunt Winton III

Day Aide for King Antonio XCV – Mark W. Falvo

Executive Aide for King Antonio XCV – F. Peter Herff III

Night Aide for King Antonio XCV – Stephen H. Blount

Chairman of Kings’ Council – William H. Atwell II (Billy)

Vice Chairman of the Kings’ Council – Stephen Brooks Cavender