Texas Cavaliers River Parade
One-of-a-kind celebration of San Antonio and its people

Parade FAQs

The theme for the 2023 Texas Cavaliers River Parade is FANTASTIC VOYAGES. Since the beginning of time, we have been exploring, discovering, and voyaging. From discovering new worlds here on Earth and in the depths of space, to reaching remarkable new frontiers in science and technology. The fantastic voyages of these brave explorers have expanded our universe and radically changed the essence of our lives.

The Grand Marshal for the parade is Astronaut Charlie Duke. General Charles Duke has logged 265 hours in space during five different Apollo missions to the moon, including Apollo 16, when he became the youngest person ever to walk on the moon at the age of 36!use the parade seat locator on the Fiesta San Antonio page.

If you have reserved seating, look for signs directing you towards your seats. You can find additional seating information though local newspapers or use the parade seat locator on the Fiesta San Antonio page.

There is a non-smoking ban for all parades in Texas, so you are not permitted to smoke during the River Parade. For more rules and regulations, visit the Fiesta website.

Yes – many spectators walk around with alcoholic beverages in-hand. Alcoholic beverages are sold at Fiesta, but you can also bring your own beer. No glass containers, please.

It is our goal to accommodate all spectators. We will have a handicapped section available and ramps present at the parade.