Texas Cavaliers River Parade
One-of-a-kind celebration of San Antonio and its people

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2022 Texas Alfresco River Parade Medal

The Texas Cavaliers 2023 River Parade Medal is now available for purchase

This year's theme is Fantastic Voyages, celebrating everything from the discovery of the new world to the discovery of new worlds. From voyages across the country to voyages across the world life is a voyage in itself. Please help us celebrate all our voyages by purchasing your 2023 River Parade Medal!

Order 2023 River Parade Medals
2023 ‘Fantastic Voyages’ River Parade Medals are now available!
We also have past River Parade Medals still available for purchase.

2023 Texas Cavaliers River Parade Medals will be available for purchase at the Fiesta Commission Store when it opens for 2023.

You may also purchase medals by calling the River Parade Ticket Office at 210-227-4837

  • 2023 Parade Medals ($10)
  • 2022 Parade Medals ($8)
  • 1996-2021 Parade Medals or Pins ($6 ea)

Call 210-227-4837 to order past medals and pins. See quantities available below.

River Parade Medals