The Texas Cavaliers
Making a Difference in Our Community

One of the Good Guys in Blue Suits

As a young, newly-minted Texas Cavalier in the late 1960s, John Gaddis was touched by the respect the Cavaliers gave to veterans, providing them with honorary seating at the River Parade. John had served twice in the Army and has a soft spot for veterans. For many years, he coordinated the program that grew to serve hundreds of disabled veterans and civilians, inviting them to view the Parade free of charge.

He also has a soft spot for children – “especially orphans and kids with health problems,” he says. “And puppies ...” Although he couldn’t find a way to invite puppies to the River Parade, he was instrumental in creating a program that gives free honorary seating at the River Parade to special needs children and their families.

“I’m grateful the Cavaliers give them these memories,” he said. Another way he has served others is through 50 years in Rotary International. He traveled, mentored young businessmen, and appreciates that Rotary advances humanitarian service and goodwill around the world.

A lifelong financial advisor and investment expert, John still rises early and spends the day in front of a specially-adapted computer so he can diligently invest and monitor the financial markets. Despite hearing and vision impairments, he maintains a positive attitude and looks to modern technology to aid him.

A lifelong San Antonian, he loves the Texas Cavaliers for providing a social setting in which to make new friends and reconnect with old friends from the San Antonio Academy, TMI, and University of Texas. It also gives him a platform for helping the children in our community who tug at his heartstrings.